Goodbye Northsix | Hello Music Hall of You’ve got to be kidding me

There were some long faces among Northsix’s staff during Frightened Rabbit’s set last night, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the music getting them down. It was recently announced that Bowery Presents is buying Northsix, and word has it they’ll be laying off just about everyone when the place closes at the end of the month for a makeover. The larger and presumably lamer new venue taking its place will be known as (get a load of this) “The Music Hall of Williamsburg”. Yikes! I guess that’s just about par for the course around here these days.

But back to Frightened Rabbit. Half the crowd took off before their set even started, but it was easy to imagine these guys playing in front of a full house of rowdy, drunken upstarts, and though a lot of time was devoted to tuning, the lead singer made up for it by hurling some good-natured insults at the crowd (everything just sounds nicer with a Scottish accent) to keep us entertained between songs. I’m thinking I might try to catch their act again before they head back to Glasgow, which shouldn’t be too difficult considering they’re playing three more shows in New York between now and Monday.

Oh and another thing: I really should apologize for neglecting to mention The Spinto Band earlier. I’m afraid you’ve all suffered terribly as a result of this egregious error, and would have for quite awhile longer were it not for the great showing by their spin-off band Batman and The Robins last night at Northsix. I’m no Spinto expert, but as far as I could tell, B&TR were basically the same lineup, playing a similar brand of heartwarming dorkpop (can I trademark that term?) with some added Batman Begins references and a great cover of Mr. Blue Sky to top things off. Since I happened to see them on the very same day I finally got myself a Wii (I don’t even want to tell you how much it pained me to leave the house that night), I simply must share just this one, oh yes, track with you re: Japan being an island. I’ll even throw in some E.L.O. for good measure. Enjoy.

Japan is an Island by Spinto Band
Mr. Blue Sky by E.L.O.


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  1. Hey yourself, Anto. Thanks for dropping by. But what, no love for Spinto Band? I know “Japan is an Island” is no “Shame of Quantum Physics”, but it still scores pretty high on the adorably dorky meter.

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